And everytime somebody asked me if I sing songs to get at women

I say “yeah”
they say “no fair, no fair, that’s cheatin’”
I say “shit, oh well, oh well”



When you tell a chick to bounce on your dick



When you tell a chick to bounce on your dick

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Aw shit yeah! I had been trying to evolve it since Thursday night.

Have any questions? I might have an answer

Want one of life’s mysteries answered? Don’t know what to name your kid? Want to know what I ate for breakfast? Just click the link and ask away mother fucker!

SDCC 2014

Probably my favorite Comic-Con ever. SO much fun! Sad to see it go but I hope to attend next year as well.

I thought you had changed

but you’re the same sad, weak, pathetic one I came to hate.

Have you ever wanted to see someone you haven’t seen in a while and then you see them and you kinda wish you hadn’t?

That happened a few days ago.

"There’s Never Enough Time" by The Postal Service

Comic-Con unofficially starts tomorrow. I’ll be in National City until Sunday and I’ll do my very best to have the best time possible because I’ve been waiting a year for this, I have a few days off of work and my credit card fully paid off so I can buy and not feel guilty about going broke. Still, someone at some point will get mad at me for some bullshit. I’ll do my best to enjoy it regardless. If you’re going let me know so we can hang out or something. Company is always nice, but like most years, I also enjoy going Han style…Solo. Goodnight!


“Welcome the Night”

"Welcome the Night" by Foozle

I’ve missed you so much

I want to spend the evening with you and go home and tell me friends how great you were.