Remember that time when you were a bitch?

I just wrote my first song in almost 4 years

I’m very proud of myself.

Have you accepted Dr. Tyson as your scientist and educator?

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I spend most of my time scaring myself with situations that only exist in my head.

Hey, you!

Yeah, you!
Whoever you are, I hope you had or are having a nice day. Remember that I think you’re awesome.

Ghost Town DJ's

“My Boo”

DAAAAAAAAMN!!! I haven’t listened to this song in the longest!!!

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"I shouldn’t have to tell you these things because you should just know!"

Things you should never tell your partner. Just don’t.

My friends and I play croquet in the park sometimes. We’re just classy like that ;)

I wish they would put Ash in one of the Pokemon games

Just so I could battle him and kick his stupid ass.

With depression you have your good days and your bad days

Today is a bad day :/